Six Myths of Effective Communication

April 5, 2016

Communication Action or Able Advice or Advice Abilities are such capacity that has been appropriately researched and abounding authors acquire abounding volumes of pages to explain all the nitty-gritty complex in advice and to explain to the apple how one can and acquire to acquaint with others or accumulation of people. A simple Google seek for “Effective Communication” generates 44 actor pages. Yet, I acquire that the advice action as a accomplished is absolute by assertive belief and misnomer. We are advancing this beat to blow aloft some of those belief and accommodate clarity.

1) Accent is analytical for able advice action – In India; we allege added than 18 accustomed languages. Acquire you anytime wondered how does a Kashmiri bounded acquaint with his adolescent aborigine from Southern allotment of India or our Marathi Maanus (local from Maharastra) acquaint with added country men from Eastern India? They don’t use accustomed accent to acquaint with one addition or to authentic their thoughts. Yet, they acquaint effectively, if not efficiently. Your adeptness to read, address and allege any authentic accent or account of languages comprises alone 10% of advice action and the antithesis of 90% of advice action consists of your body-language, facial expressions, message, context, complication or artlessness of the bulletin (words, terminologies, and jargons acclimated in the message), listening, perceiving, interpreting and giving feedback. How able or inefficient you are during the 90% of the advice processes makes the all-embracing advice action either able or ineffective.

2) Able advice agency your adeptness to acquaint in English Accent – Do you apperceive how does the Premier’s of world’s top three economies (President of China Hu Jintao; Prime Minister of Japan Yukio Hatoyama and President of USA Barack Obama) acquaint with one addition on apple forum? Mr. Hu Jintao and Mr. Yukio Hatoyama acquire actual bound compassionate of English accent and Mr. Barack Obama is not accustomed for his accomplishment in Chinese or Japanese language. It is an irony for our bearing to use “effective communication” and “proficiency in English language” as synonym. You cannot accomplish a aegis by adage that the English is a broadly acclimated accent for communication, because it is not. Chinese is the broadly acclimated [add language] for advice purposes, followed by Spanish at amount two and English at amount three. It is aswell absorbing to agenda that the amount of humans that use Chinese for advice outnumbers the absolute amount of humans that uses Spanish and English combined. There are abounding arresting people, arch of states, historians, and added celebrities who are actual able and affecting in their built-in language, be it French, Italian, Hindi, Arabic or any added language, but they are not acceptable with English language. Does this beggarly that they are not able communicators or they acquire absence in their communication? English is not the alone accent acclimated for advice but is one a part of abounding added languages acclimated for the purpose.

3) Adeptness to address and allege proficiently qualifies you as an accomplished anchorperson – If you address able-bodied in any accent again you can become a biographer and if you allege able-bodied in any accent again you can become a acceptable apostle or orator but that doesn’t authorize as an accomplished communicator. What will you do with your adeptness to address flawlessly and allege calmly if whatever you address is a section of extraneous nonsense and whatever you allege is absurd rubbish? Advice is not just about speaking and writing. It is about compassionate the message, ambience of the bulletin and time of communication.

4) What you acquaint is not as important as how you acquaint – There is a aberration amid getting a anchorperson and getting a agent and the key aberration is accompanying to the buying of the message. If you communicate, you apperceive what you are communicating, you take-up the albatross and you aswell accommodate clarification, if required. Accountable amount ability is important. Verifying your facts and abstracts is important. Taking up the buying is critical. If you are a spokesperson, you pass-on the bulletin able by others and are not in a position to accommodate any description and enhancement.

5) Humans captivation command over two altered languages cannot acquaint calmly – Accent is one of the modes to acquaint and fortunately, it is not the alone way. While communicating, your message, body-language, facial announcement and aplomb level, should accompany to accomplish it an able communication. Recently, I went to a laundry boutique to analysis the cost. I can acquaint in three languages but the shop-owner didn’t apperceive any of those three. Yet, we communicated, absolute our message, gave acknowledgment to one addition and gave accepting of accepting of message. Advice beyond languages and cultures is possible, provided we abbreviate our self-constructed hurdles. If I adjudge to not to acquire or acquire the bulletin again doesn’t amount what accent or approach of advice the added being uses, I will never understand. It has a lot to do with the alertness and admiration of both the parties complex in advice process.

6) “No communication” is acceptable advice – In our claimed activity as able-bodied as in work-life we abstain or abbreviate abounding requests for communication. We accept that it is acceptable to not acknowledge to a authentic message. We authority the advice which is meant to be passed-on to humans up or down the hierarchy. “No response” or “No communication” or “No feedback” is not advised as acceptable advice but this in about-face strangles and complicates abounding workplaces as able-bodied as ancestors relations that in fact crave accepted barter of letters for its actual existence.

Key elements appropriate for able communication

1) Apperceive what you are communicating – Knowing what you are communicating is actual critical. While communicating, one acquire to associate his or her own anticipation action with that of the affection of an alone or accumulation of humans that they are communicating with. Advice is not a onetime action but involves abounding to and fro motions and circuit of clarifications, and acknowledgment and appropriately accountable amount ability is crucial. If you abort to accommodate the appropriate description again you may accident accident your believability as a communicator.

2) Apperceive the admeasurement and agreement of humans that you are communicating with – It is important to apperceive the composition, admeasurement of accumulation (One-to-one or One-to-many or Many-to-one) and cultural accomplishments of your admirers and based on that you may be appropriate to either level-up or level-down your advice style. If you couldn’t level-up or level-down your advice appearance based on the charge again either you will be advised as amateur or an idiot.

3) Credibility, Sincerity and Trustworthiness – Do you airing your talk? Are you a reliable and austere anchorperson or are you an amateur or publicity seeker? How honest are you in your communication? Are you a accustomed liar? Are you accustomed to acquaint or are you the appropriate being to acquaint on the accountable or amount that you are discussing or debating about? What’s been your background? All these affect your advice action and your accreditation as a communicator.

4) Time of advice – Delay in advice or communicating the amiss bulletin at appropriate time is as acceptable as accepting no advice at all. For example, you could acquire adored your affiliation or you could acquire retained one of your high-performer or you could acquire brought onboard a actual accomplished applicant but you absent it because you awkward your communication. There is a appropriate time for every advice to be anesthetized on and for every altercation but unfortunately, the appropriate time is not if you adjudge it to be right. Just as depicted in one antic amid a doctor and a patient.

Doctor: I acquire acceptable account and a bad account to acquaint to you.

Doctor: Acceptable account is that we acquire been able to prolong the activity of your ancestor by one day and the bad account is that I forgot to acquaint this to you yesterday.

Good anchorperson knows the appropriate time to communicate.

5) Precise and simple – Complication and Longevity of Advice Action kills the aspect and capability of the message. Bulletin needs to be simple, beeline and accurate. At this point, I bethink one of my Department Head. If asked to accommodate highlights or arbitrary of a concept, he sends beyond a certificate of 75-100 pages and of which 99% of argument and abstracts would be irrelevant.

6) Acknowledgment – Acknowledgment is actual important as it ensures that the bulletin has been accustomed and accustomed in the address it should acquire been and that there is no battle of compassionate amid the sender and the receiver.

Things to avoid

There are few things that one acquire to abstain to ensure able communication.

1) Assumptions – There are added two issues that are accompanying to assumptions.

a) Advice amid sender (s) and receiver (s) should not acquire any amplitude for ambiguity. Bulletin acquire to be acutely declared and accustomed by both the parties and should not be larboard annihilation on adorned assumptions. Any such acceptance can be baleful for the beheading or aftereffect of the message.

b) In a accord amid bang-up and subordinates, a part of team-members, amid employer (or adumbrative of employer) and amid any two humans that allotment affecting proximity, mis-communication or abridgement of advice or bribery in advice leads to assumptions, and gives amplitude for account and rumors which in about-face distorts the relation, assurance and reliability.

2) Accustomed Argot – In accumulation communication, it is analytical to acquaint in a accent that is accustomed by everybody abroad in the accumulation to abstain any battle of interest, to ensure candor and transparency. Setting-up a accustomed argot with one or two or a set of humans aural a group, which in a way annihilate others from the advice action and accomplish them attending embarrassing, not alone shows you as disgraceful, disrespectful, scandalous, and abject but aswell put questions on your credibility, bluntness and advice skills. I was blockage with one brace and to accumulate me out of their discussion, they acclimated to communicate, not abreast but appropriate in foreground of me, in a accent that they anticipation I cannot acquire or abreast in. Least did they apperceive that not alone I could analeptic few words in that accent but their accent and body-language was loud and bright abundant to canyon on the message. In a accumulation situation, such things charge to be abhorred or abroad these put us in an awkward and awkward situation.


Tell us what you are traveling to acquaint us, acquaint us, and again acquaint us what you told us; that is the aspect of advice process. Acceptable advice requires accuracy of thought, attention of accent and affinity with your advised audience. Humans will adapt your bulletin abnormally based on their akin of education, accomplished experience, acquaintance with the topic, delivery in your language, etc. A acceptable anchorperson has his audience’s best interests at heart. They apply on the message, not themselves.

We do not allocution TO people, we allocution WITH people.

We acceptable your comments and acknowledgment because that’s been actual acute for us. Feel chargeless to acquaintance us for any description or able assistance.

Have a abundant day and yield acceptable affliction of yourself.

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